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The BMD "Wolverine" is the main vehicle of the VDV. This derivative of the Mauler is dropped on the battlefield alongside VDV paratroopers.


The Wolverine is a vital part of the Federation’s special operations. They are responsible for transporting Russia’s elite infantry. They are also armed heavily enough to be considered threats on their own. They are usually seen wreaking havoc behind enemy lines, long before the enemy is able to react.

The VDV (acronym for Russia’s Airborne Troops) are very fond of the Wolverine despite of their disposability, it is common procedure to destroy the vehicle after the operation is complete.


There are two different variants of the Wolverine; one which can be upgraded to a tank destroyer and one that can be upgraded to a mortar.

Behind the scenes

  • Prior to 1.87 the Wolverine is named BMD-4 for the tank destroyer variant and BMD-1 for the mortar variant.