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China war factory icon
China uses War Factories to produce its legion of vehicles. These buildings are a common sight on the battlefield, often constructed in large numbers where sometimes its possible to see entire tank divisions come out of them in seemingly endless amounts. From the tiny Hopper Tank to the devastating Nuke Cannon, all Chinese combat vehicles are produced here. In addition, a repair bay on the side will allow damaged vehicles to be repaired here.


Ability Description
China war factory optimized vehicle production icon
Optimized Vehicle Production
Optimizes the War Factory's assembly line for rapid vehicle production, allowing it to build Tier 0 vehicles in pairs (Hopper Tanks are built in groups of four) and 25% faster than normal, but prevents it from building Tier 1 and Tier 2 vehicles.
Requires Mass Mobilization.
China war factory regular vehicle production icon
Regular Vehicle Production
Regulates the War Factory's assembly line for standard vehicle production.


Add-on Description
Land mines icon
Land Mines
Lays a minefield around the building that explodes when an enemy steps on it, causing 100 to 50 LAND_MINE damage over a radius of 5 to 10. Triggered mines are replaced after 20 seconds.
Costs $400 and takes 12 seconds to complete.

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