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Volunteers, at the ready!
- Volunteer Squad
Volunteer squad icon

The Volunteer Squad is China's official cannon fodder infantry, and a sort of a mirror of the GLA's Angry Mob.


Seasoned soldiers of the Red Guard auxiliary force have been taught since their enlistment to not fear death and do anything for the protection of the Middle Kingdom. These soldiers, in order to inspire other Guards to do what is necessary, voluntarily join together in large groups that assault enemy positions head-on and show that now, China goes on the offensive. It has proven effective time and time again in convincing less-experienced Red Guards to brave their own lives and defend China from hostile aggressors with whatever it takes, and while casualties are high, the victories are even higher.

The regular People's Liberation Army view them as nothing but cannon fodder, and has taken to call them "volunteer squads", as they "volunteer for death".


  • A yet another downside is the inherent flaw of the SAGE engine in regards to Mob AI. If a large blob is selected to engage a high-hitpoint target, such as force firing on a Supply Dock, or relocating the said blob, the soldiers may get stuck in one another and start to spontaneously die as their comrades move to the selected position.

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