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Let's get these men to the battle!
- Troop Crawler emerging from the War Factory

The Troop Crawler is a staple unit for any Chinese commander, effectively filling in different support roles for helping the advance of the Chinese horde. It is China's basic armored personnel carrier (APC) unit as well as their basic stealth detector unit. With recent upgrades, the ever faithful Troop Crawler comes with Propaganda Speakers by default and its armor and detector capabilities can be further enhanced with the Forward Recon Kit add-on.


Everyone okay back there?
- Troop Crawler

A favorite by Chinese generals despite its considerable years of service, the Troop Crawler is still active within the People’s Liberation Army, delivering the fighting men of the Red Army to the front lines safe and on-time. However, seeing the effectiveness of propaganda effects in battle and seeking a way to enable Chinese forces to access it earlier, the Chinese high command commissioned minor modifications allowing it to be fitted with speaker towers, encouraging those surrounding it to fight with undying resolve, healing injured infantry and repairing damaged vehicles. It also remains one of the only transports to be fitted with sensory gear suitable for the detection of hiding enemies, and plays a vital role in guarding Chinese holdings from infiltration.

After the war with GLA, the PLA went out of its way to develop better tools for IED detection and counter-guerrilla operations. The Forward Recon Kit was regarded as the most promising and cost-effective project. It provides the ever-reliable Troop Crawler with a large dish capable of scanning far into unknown territory with a powerful, highly concentrated probing beam. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with reactive armor to protect the passenger compartment from attacks, increasing the overall survivability of the Crawler in a hostile environment.


Ability Description
Troop crawler recon scan icon
Recon Scan
The Troop Crawler performs an active scan on the target location from a distance of 540, removing fog of war and detects stealthed enemies in a radius of 100. Lasts until given a new order.
Requires Crawler Recon Scanner.


Add-on Description
Crawler propaganda speakers icon
Crawler Propaganda Speakers
Equip propaganda speakers on the Troop Crawler, allowing it heal nearby friendly units and increase their firing rate.
Requires Crawler Modular Kit.
Crawler recon scanner icon
Crawler Recon Scanner
Equip a forward reconnaissance kit on the Troop Crawler, allowing it to use Recon Scan.
Requires Crawler Modular Kit.

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