Scissors The following content was scrapped during development and are no longer available.
As such, any information given are to be taken as reference.

The TT-1 Tesla Tank was a Russian energy weapon based tank deployed by General Aleksandr in the early stages of the war. It has since been replaced by the more advanced and powerful Tesla Tank.


The end result of a joint project between Andreev Labs and Moscow Factory No. 45 is a mobile version of one of Russia’s most feared weapon systems. The Tesla Tank might still be at an experimental staged but early field tests have indicated this to be one of the greatest successes born out of the Federation’s weapons development. The Tesla Tank can decimate any infantry foolish enough to get in its way with ease, even in large numbers. This is a tactical vehicle of high importance to the Federation so only the elite Shock Troopers assisted by Andreev Labs technicians are authorized to crew them. The most frightening aspect of the Tesla Tank is its ability to overcharge its capacitors resulting in a deadly storm.