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Termite drone icon
The Termite Drone is an USA area denial unit.


"And while we're on the subject of messy things, I also want to show you this pesky fella: The Termite Drone - and boy, let me tell you: This drone is a reeeal pain in the rear! The Termite is the most sophisticated area denial weapons system in the world. Once it has found a nice spot to dig itself in, it waits for the prey. Now, conventional wisdom would tell you that it's basically just a mobile land mine; a robotic drone that packs a charge of, say, ninety pounds of C4 and maybe a copper liner to slice through a tank. Good enough for a nasty explosion to be sure but nothing that the EOD folks couldn't handle, right?

Well, in this case, conventional wisdom would be wrong; dead wrong! The Termite contains a highly compact EM emitter that is capable of generating an intense field of microwaves within a large radius. The pulse is brief and it drains the drone's entire battery, forcing it to re-charge for a while but that one charge is all it takes to short-out any piece of electronics in the vicinity and fry the nuts off any poor sucker caught within the area of effect. No exterminator in the world is gonna help you against an infestation of these!"


Ability Description
Discharge microwave pulse icon
Discharge Microwave Pulse
The Termite Drone instantly releases a microwave pulse that kills infantry and temporarily disables vehicles caught in its wake.
Can only be used while deployed.
Free fire mode icon
Free Fire Mode
The unit will automatically attack enemies within range.
Hold fire mode icon
Hold Fire Mode
The unit will not automatically attack enemies within range, but will still retaliate when attacked by enemies.