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We'll tear through their armor!
- Tank Hunter arriving on the battlefield
Tank hunter icon

Tank Hunters are China's basic anti-armor and anti-air infantry. Unlike their counterparts in other factions they employ recoiless flak rifles instead of missiles, making them immune to anti-projectile weapons such as the American point defense laser and the Russian Arena system.


I like the big targets.
- Tank Hunter

In the ending years of Global War against GLA, many Chinese generals complained about the original weapon loadouts of the anachronistic Tank Hunters; although their missiles pack a punch en masse, their unfavorable tendency of "over-attacking" had been an issue on the field, especially against massive waves of tanks, as seen during the GLA attack on the Chinese nuclear power plant in 2028. The solution found by the Ministry of Ordnance was an anachronistic one; replace the aging missile launchers with flak guns. Although anachronistic in this time and age, the new weaponry of the tank hunters shows promise.


Ability Description
Tank hunter satchel tnt charge icon
Satchel TNT Charge
Throw a satchel TNT charge at the target location in a distance of 60 to 110 which explodes 3 seconds after touching ground, causing 300 to 50 EXPLOSION damage over a radius of 15 to 50. 9 seconds cooldown.

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