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The Strategy Center is the Tier 2 USA building, allowing research of the most crucial American upgrades and the construction of the most advanced units for their battles.


The United States Army contemplates their lack of battlefield officers over the years by stationing the ones they have in secured facilities, dubbed Strategy Centers. Here, commanders and officers can coordinate the fight from safety and contact the R&D Dept. for upgrades to improve the situation.

Battle Plans

The Strategy Center itself can be modified at no cost to suit the changing conditions of battle with one of three available Battle Plans, which can be changed at any time:

Battle Plan Description
Strategy center bombardment icon
The Strategy Center deploys a large-caliber, long-ranged howitzer, allowing it to provide heavy fire support on the area around it.
All ground combat units gain 20% additional damage and artillery gain 50% bonus to their firing rate.
Strategy center search and destroy icon
Search and Destroy
A set of complicated antennae are unfolded from the top of the Strategy Center, revealing a large area around it by doubling its sight radius.
All ground units gain 20% additional sight radius and weapon range.
Strategy center hold the line icon
Hold the Line
The Strategy Center is heavily fortified with sandbags, doubling its armor and allows it to shrug off all but the heaviest attacks.
All ground units gain 25% additional armor strength.

Behind the scenes

  • Prior to 1.87 the Strategy Center can use the Spy Satellite ability, which was moved to the Detention Camp.

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