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The Chinese Spy Plane is a support aircraft that can called in periodically to scout a portion of the map, revealing enemy presence.


When a new generation of political leaders assumed control over the Chinese government in the wake of the 2018 Taiwan Conflict, one of the many pillars of the much acclaimed Modern Way programme was an increased cooperation with China's northern neighbour Mongolia. The ancient steppe nation was rich with minerals and would prove to be a useful partner in the ongoing effort to contain the expansion of the Gobi Desert. Over the course of many years, the friendship and interconnection between Beijing and Ulaanbaatar grew, eventually resulting in the latter's peaceful integration into China's Inner Mongolia as part of the GAPA agreement of 2031. While still regarded as an annexation by international law, the Autonomous Region of Greater Mongolia was granted a very large margin of independence with respect to its ancestral heritage and benefited from the export capacities and the military protection of the People's Republic. As a trade-off, China now shared an extensive border with the Russian Federation, a former strategic partner who had turned into an audacious competitor under the leadership of Nikolai Suvorov, who snubbed the Party government with his claim that Russia would rather return to global prominence of its own accord and independently. As a result, increased border security and surveillance became a necessity. The Chinese air force subsequently acquired an entire fleet of planes that were equipped with sophisticated radar systems, high-resolution cameras and electronic missile jammers. Upon construction of an Airfield, all Chinese commanders will be able to requisition one of these espionage planes, which will then perform several recon runs over a large area.


  • The Spy Plane is likely based off the namesake aircraft in Red Alert and Red Alert 2.
  • As of 1.86, this plane is no longer able to detect stealth units and is flown at a higher altitude, making itself untargetable from enemy AA fire.