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Scorpion, ready to sting!
- Scorpion leaving the Arms Dealer.
Scorpion tank icon
The Scorpion Tank is the main battle tank of the Global Liberation Army. It is the fastest vehicle of its class, but has lighter armor and a weaker gun.


When Anwar Sulaymaan came into power in the GLA he experimented with some different doctrine and design changes to the main army of the organization. He salvaged some old, obsolete Centurion tanks from the Cold War and attempted to modify them to fit GLA standards. Alas, for he was unsuccessful with fitting in the Centurion to GLA's arsenal, and instead opted for more makeshift designs in their iconic 'Scorpion' line of armored vehicles, ranging from simple armored cars to actual tanks with makeshift modifications. The most common one remains an old tracked farm tractor with souped-up armor and a small-caliber gun, that allows the Scorpion tanks to move and fire at a rapid pace. U.S. tank commanders mockingly nicknamed them 'armored rats' during the brush fire wars in the South African savannahs. Scorpion tanks remain even today a common sight in any area with GLA presence but, in their stock form, they are unsuitable for direct tank-to-tank combat. This was amply demonstrated in Iraq when, during a well publicized engagement, a division of American Crusader Tanks took on an equally-sized division of Scorpions, and destroyed all the GLA tanks without suffering any losses.


Ability Description
Scorpion tank ground attack icon
Ground Attack
Fire the Scorpion rocket at the target location.
Requires Scorpion Rocket.


Add-on Description
Reverse engineered hover drive icon
Hover Drive
Jury rig a hover drive on the tank, increasing its speed by 40% and makes it amphibious, but reduces its overall armor by 25%.
Requires salvaged USA Tier 1 technology.
Only one salvaged technology add-on can be applied at a time.
Reverse engineered rocket pods icon
Rocket Pods
Mount a rocket pod on the tank for additional firepower.
Requires salvaged GLA Tier 1 technology.
Only one salvaged technology add-on can be applied at a time.
Improvised reactive armor icon
Improvised Reactive Armor
Jury rig an improvised reactive armor on the tank, reducing the damage it takes from missiles and explosives by 20%, and from tank guns by 10%.
Requires salvaged Russian Tier 1 technology.
Only one salvaged technology add-on can be applied at a time.

Behind the scenes

  • Prior to 1.85 the Scorpion Tank is referred to as "Cheetah" in the game files. This was because the Scorpion Tank was originally supposed to be an exclusive unit for Warlord General Sulaymaan with the other two getting the Cheetah, but since 1.85 the basic tank for every GLA general was reverted back to the Scorpion while the Cheetah and its model were scrapped entirely.

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