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The Rebel is the basic infantry of GLA useful for fulfilling basic anti-infantry role, capturing structures and emptying enemy garrison.


Our courage will be seen by all!
- Rebel

When warlord Mohmar 'Deathstrike' first created the Global Liberation Army, all he had at his disposal was a relatively small group of armed fundementalists. While they had been in many battles before and were somewhat professional, Mohmar knew he couldn't achieve his goals with only a small group of 100-ish soldiers. So, during the two-years time between 2017 and 2019, he set out through Kazakhstan, Aldastan and pretty much all of Central Asia to spread the word, that a new liberator has arrived and they needed their help. The impoverished farmers, workers, tribesmen, homeless and workless believed his speeches of purity, and so they joined his ranks. When the GLA made their first move by nuking downtown Beijing in 2019, Mohmar had a whole army of followers with hundreds of thousands armed rebels. Cheap, easy to train and expandable, the Rebel stands at the frontline of the Global Liberation Army, armed to the teeth with AK-47s and molotov cocktails.


Ability Description
Capture building icon
Capture Building
Captures an enemy or neutral building. The process takes 23 seconds to complete, during which the Rebel is vulnerable.
Rebel assault rifle icon
Assault Rifle
Use the standard assault rifle.
Rebel molotov cocktail icon
Molotov Cocktails
Use the molotov cocktails that are more effective against structures and has a 50% chance to clear garrisoned ones.
Rebel booby trap attack icon
Booby Trap Attack
Place a booby trap on a friendly or neutral structure that will be triggered should an enemy tries to capture or garrison the structure, destroying it if the booby trapped structure was a neutral one; otherwise the booby trap causes 200 to 50 EXPLOSION damage over a radius of 5 to 15. 7.5 seconds cooldown.
Requires High Explosive Caches.

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