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What's the mission, sir?
- Ranger exiting the Barracks
Ranger icon

The Ranger has long been the backbone of US infantry forces and has seen battle all over the globe.


Need a point man?
- Ranger reporting

If training and preparation decide the battle, then the Rangers have already won the battle, as they have plenty to spare. Their performance is always superior to the enemy, even when outnumbered. They are issued with the most refined US equipment, including the M16A5, an upgraded version of the tried and true M16 assault rifle, and Flash-Bang grenades, which allow then to clear garrisoned infantry at a distance.  

They are also trained to perform a Combat Drop from a transport helicopter, allowing them to breach and clear fortified structures more efficiently than any other infantry unit. Veteran Rangers are still within the ranks of the US military, but commanders that requested their assistance will be the only ones to see how truly battle rounded these men are.


Ability Description
Capture building icon
Capture Building
Captures an enemy or neutral building. The process takes 23 seconds to complete, during which the Ranger is vulnerable.
Ranger assault rifle icon
Assault Rifle
Use the standard assault rifle.
Flashbang grenades ability icon
Flashbang Grenades
Use the Flashbang grenades that can force most enemy infantry to surrender, allowing them to be captured to power up the CIA Intelligence.
Requires Flashbang Grenades.
Call drone airlifter icon
Call in a Drone Airlifter
Call in a Drone Airlifter on the Ranger.
Requires Supply Center and Air Mobility.


  • In the real world, US Army Rangers are not basic infantry but instead highly trained personnel who fall under the umbrella of United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM).
  • At $110, Rangers are the most expensive basic infantry.

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