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Let's explore the element of fire!
- Pyro leaving the Barracks
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The Pyro Technician is a Chinese flamethrower-armed infantry primarily tasked for anti-infantry and anti-garrison duty.


Always stand behind the man with the flamethrower but never close to him.
- PLA Infantry Primer

If you were born tall and assigned to the Chengdu region, chances are you would be picked to attend pyrotechnics specialization and carry one of these flamethrowers into combat. They are capable of spewing liquid flames that can light enemy soldiers and structures ablaze with a special napalm fuel mix courtesy of General Mau. They are however quite unstable and do not react very well to enemy fire. Seasoned Pyro Technicians are prone to develop mental disturbances and normally consult psychiatrist treatment at some point.


Ability Description
Pyro technician fire wall
Fire Wall
Lay down an arc of fire at the target location for 3 seconds. 5 seconds cooldown.

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