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The subject of this article is currently only available in the beta version of Rise of the Reds.
Please note that the information may change rapidly as the mod's development progresses.

The Plague Duster is a light attack and scout helicopter utilized by the GLA.


An archaic Bell 47 helicopter converted into a light gunship and chemical weapons dispersal platform. Despite the age of the airframes, these choppers prove to be effective in harsh environments due to their mechanical simplicity and ease of maintenance. Known as the infamous Plague Dusters, the GLA has outfitted their helicopters with anti-armor rockets, Stinger missiles as well as sprayer nozzles taken from crop duster aircraft. The sprayer nozzles are capable of dispersing weaponized Anthrax spores or other biological or chemical weaponry. As a result, the Plague Duster has become feared throughout Africa as a terror weapon designed to massacre entire populaces opposed to the GLA. Due to the helicopters' non-existent armor, the pilots are known to chew khat in order increase their reflexes and banish fear before going on missions.


Ability Description
Plague duster activate toxin sprinkler
Activate Toxin Sprinkler
Spray a radius of 25 below the Plague Duster with toxins for 6 seconds. The toxin field lasts for 16 seconds and causes 10 (14 with Anthrax Beta) POISON damage per second. 15 seconds cooldown.

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