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I break tanks for a living.
- Panzerfaust Soldier
Panzerfaust soldier icon
The Panzerfaust Soldier is the ECA's primary anti-tank infantry.


Ever since the Second World War, tank crews have learned to cringe with fear upon hearing the German word 'Panzerfaust' (literally 'tank fist'). The latest model of this time-tested weapon design went into full mass-production and is currently being issued to the many brave volunteers that want to make a difference. Thanks to the Panzerfaust's amateur-friendly configuration and its powerful shaped charge anti-tank projectiles, chances are indeed high that a large difference will be made against the relentless onslaught of Russian tanks.

The low production cost and simplicity of the weapon do come at a price, though: Unlike many other modern anti-tank launchers, the Panzerfaust's projectile is entirely unguided, as it is indeed little more than a rocket propelled grenade. As such, it is not able to home in on a tank and is entirely worthless against airborne threats. However, the lack of guidance systems does allow for a much bigger explosive charge and in addition to that, the weapon is also compatible with a new type of anti-bunker vacuum warhead, capable of crushing and suffocating enemy infantry in cramped garrisons.


Ability Description
Panzerfaust soldier anti tank warheads icon
Anti-Tank Warheads
Use the anti-tank warheads effective against vehicles.
Panzerfaust soldier vacuum warheads icon
Vacuum Warheads
Use the vacuum warheads effective against infantry and can clear garrisoned structures.
Requires Armory Expansion.

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