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The subject of this article is currently only available in the beta version of Rise of the Reds.
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Munitions bunker icon
The Munitions Bunker is a heavy defensive structure employed by the European Continental Alliance that is used to distribute munitions for nearby defenses and assemble Munitions Tracks. It can also be garrisoned by infantry for additional protection and put on a lockdown state when needed, but will explode when destroyed due to the volatile nature of its munitions.


The forces of the European Continental Alliance had previously relied on ad hoc fortified bunkers to store ammunition on defensive lines, yet it soon became apparent that a more effective solution was needed. A new reinforced concrete bunker design was rolled out on the European front, serving as both a firing position for up to three ECA troops as well as a more resilient forward ammunition depot. The Munitions Bunker is also capable of deploying Munitions Tracks to resupply defensive divisions closer to the front. Due to its usual presence in hostile territory as well as the volatile materials being stored within, the Munitions Bunker can lock itself down to improve the bunker's resistance to enemy fire. It should be noted that doing so prevents the doors from being opened to supply defenses with ammunition, and disallows access to the garage. The commander of the bunker is authorized to call in mine artillery strikes around the bunker; these are specially designed to fire Mole Mines at long ranges, equipped with parachutes allowing them to deploy safely without damage. Due to the fact that the bunker stores a large amount of explosive materials however, the commander is not authorized to call a "Danger Close" strike in-case of nearby incursion. In the worst case scenario of a forward position being completely overrun however, the staff of the bunker can easily rig the munitions stockpile to detonate in order to prevent valuable material from falling in the hands of the enemy.


Ability Description
Munitions bunker toggle lockdown icon
Switch Bunker to Lockdown Mode
Locks down the Munitions Bunker to increase its armor by 100% but disables all of its other functions and prevents the garrisoned infantry from attacking.
Munitions bunker toggle lockdown icon
Lift Bunker Lockdown
Lifts the Munitions Bunker's lockdown.
Munitions bunker mole bomb bombardment icon
Mole Bomb Bombardment
Bombards a target location within a radius of 220 to 600 around the Munitions Bunker with three Mole Bombs that behaves much like the ones deployed by Mole Minelayers. 120 seconds cooldown.
Only available while not in lockdown.
Show weapon range icon
Show Weapon Range
Show the building's minimum and maximum weapon range on the radar map and the terrain for 6 seconds.
Only available while not in lockdown.
Demolish icon
Self Destruct
Rig the Munitions Bunker to explode.
Only available while not in lockdown.