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The Missile Silo is a structure used by the Russian Federation to produce and launch nuclear ICBMs anywhere on the battlefield. However, its usage is only authorized to General Zhukov.


Over the years, Russia developed a number of new ballistic missile systems, including the 'Don' which was designed for tactical use on the battlefield. Thanks to its on-board jamming systems, the new missile cannot be intercepted by any means and carries up to five low-yield atomic bombs, essentially designed as a way to deliver an accurate nuclear artillery barrage to shatter enemy formations and defensive lines.

Ever since President Suvorov had issued the clearance to deploy these weapons to General Leonid Zhukov, several Don missiles were installed at Russian Army bases in the occupied territories of Europe. Zhukov reasoned that a ballistic missile launch that was detected closer to the front line would not be as easily misinterpreted as a strategic launch from the larger silo compounds in the Russian homeland.

He knew that such an error might easily bring about the end of the world, which is why he reserved his missiles for only a select few high-priority military targets in support of his ground assaults and defied orders from General Aleksandr who urged him to launch them against European population centers in a last fanatical effort to shatter their opponents' morale, which was met with disapproval from Suvorov, who knew such a move would cause the United States to launch their nuclear arsenal and destroy much of the human race. Despite protests from Aleksandr, President Suvorov never reprimanded Father Leonid for his disobedience, which the old, respected General regarded as an unspoken statement of approval.


Ability Description
Launch tactical nuclear strike new icon
Launch Tactical Nuclear Strike
Launch a tactical nuclear strike delivered by an ICBM with 5 tactical nuclear MIRV warheads at the target location anywhere on the map, which takes 15 seconds to reach the target.
Requires the Missile Silo to be armed with at least one MIRV ICBM.
Mirv icbm new icon
Arm the Missile Silo with a ready to fire MIRV ICBM.
Costs $2000 to use and takes 180 seconds to complete.
Up to two MIRV ICBMs can be stored at a time.

Behind the scenes

  • Prior to 1.87 public beta version 1.5 the Missile Silo only requires Nuclear Warfare to be built. Its build limit is only imposed when Limit Superweapons are enabled and it also can only store one missile at a time.

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