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Time for a bullet storm!
- Minigun Team
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The Minigun Team is a Chinese weapon team trained by General Mau, armed with a portable minigun to mow down infantry.


Presented at the Beijing Anti-Terrorist Trade Show in 2009, the Hua Qing minigun was designed as a six-barrelled 7.62mm Gatling-type machine gun for Chinese infantry forces. Ever since then, the PLA had taken a great interest in rotary cannons and developed many indigenous designs that were often 'inspired' by American models and internationally marketed as the 'Gattling' series. Many US weapon manufacturers have filed lawsuits against what they perceived as a blatant intellectual property violation while the Chinese designers churned out model after model. During the Global War On Terror, this obsession with rotary cannons escalated to the point where the entire PLA Marine Corps was equipped with handheld 5.8mm Gattling rifles. Despite producing an undeniably impressive volume of fire, the weapons quickly earned the ire of the soldiers who often had their shoulders dislocated by the immense recoil. After the war - and the death of the erratic PLAMC General Shin Fai amidst the nuclear destruction of Hamburg - the weapons were phased out. However, the People's Army still maintained that a heavy-duty rotary cannon would be an excellent fire support asset for infantry forces and issued the latest three-barrel model of the Hua Qing to squads of dedicated weapon specialists, most prominently those of General Mau.