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Need something lit up?
- Marksman FAC

The Marksman FAC (Forward Air Controller) is a newly introduced support helicopter used by the European Continental Alliance to paint targets with a designator to allow better accuracy for friendly units, as well as relaying targets for a cruise missile bombardment and deploying spotter balloons to watch over an area.


The Marksman FAC is the newest modernisation of the venerable Westland Lynx, a multi-purpose helicopter of British design that serves in a variety of different roles in many European militaries, including the armed forces of Portugal, Denmark and Norway. The European Continental Army makes prominent use of it as a forward air controller and artillery observer. Its precision target designator allows friendly units to bring the full weight of their firepower to bear on anyone unfortunate enough to be marked by the beam.

In addition, most Marksman FACs operate in constant coordination with the nearest European artillery detachment, allowing them to place a target marker on a structure which can then be bombarded by all available howitzers for a short period of time. Despite not having any weaponry of its own, a lone Marksman snooping around the base perimeter should never be dismissed as a non-threat, for its appearance may very well be the only warning prior to a devastating rain of shells.


Ability Description
Marksman fac cruise missile bombardment icon
Cruise Missile Bombardment
Mark an enemy building to be bombarded by a cruise missile with the process taking 6 seconds to complete, during which the Marksman FAC is revealed through the fog of war. The cruise missile causes 250 to 75 AURORA_BOMB damage over a radius of 15 to 110. 35 seconds cooldown.
Marksman fac deploy spotter balloon icon
Deploy Spotter Balloon
Deploy a spotter balloon on the Marksman FAC's position which reveals a radius of 350 around it. The balloon can be controlled, is stealthed and be destroyed (it has 30 hit points); otherwise it self-destructs 120 seconds after being deployed. 30 seconds cooldown.

Behind the scenes

  • Prior to 1.87 the Marksman FAC can detect stealthed enemies in place of its ability to deploy spotter balloons and the ability to mark a building for Howitzer Positions to bombard it from anywhere on the map; the latter of which was then replaced by Cruise Missile Bombardment.
  • The Marksman FAC was previously named Bloodhound FAC, which eventually goes to the eponymous ECA scout vehicle.
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