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Lynx, ready to make some trouble!
- Lynx leaving the Vehicle Assembly Depot
Lynx apc icon
The Lynx APC is the ECA's basic troop transport. It has six transport slots for quickly transporting ECA infantry across the battlefield.

Whether its the early Engineer rushes or mid-late game Grenadier transport, the Lynx plays a pivotal role in supporting ECA's ever reliable infantry by providing much needed mobility for a cheap price.


"Keep Calm and Carry On..." Hah, what a joke!
- Lynx

The European Lynx APC is the workhorse of ECA`s infantry division. Despite its outlandish design, it’s very reliable and offers the best possible protection for the troops inside something essential in Europe`s terrain where ECA supply lines and reinforcements are prone to be ambushed by Russian gunships.

The Lynx brigades had suffered heavy losses in the battlefield against the heavy shelling and armor piercing weaponry deployed by the Russian Army. As a cheap modification, armor skirts were installed on the sides to allow for greater protection against incoming projectiles.

Although the plating isn't the best the ECA has to offer, it is the cheapest and ensures the Lynx APC can continue to serve as an inexpensive infantry carrier of the ECA.

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