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I will tell you everything I hear!
- Listening Outpost leaving the Command Center
Listening outpost icon
The Listening Outpost is China's scout vehicle and their primary reconnaissance unit. It can extend a long sight radius and becomes stealthed when it remains stationary at a location.


I think I can hear them...
- Listening Outpost

The Listening Outpost has changed since its last deployment as part of the Iron Dragon. Found much too useful to remain in its previous role of a late-deployed surveillance unit, Listening Outposts have been recognized as the perfect reconnaissance unit for Chinese commanders to gain the intelligence they need as soon as they deploy to a battle zone. As such, a concerted industrial effort has streamlined the production of the Listening Outpost and allowed them to be assembled quickly and easily, with no stringent support requirements, at Chinese Command Centers. They maintain their watchful communications scanning gear, the effectiveness of which is enhanced when the Outpost parks at a location - a location Outpost drivers are still trained to pick carefully, in combination with on-board systems making them blend into the background when stopped.


Ability Description
Listening outpost area scan icon
Area Scan
Scans the surrounding area, revealing a radius of 600 around the Listening Outpost for 6 seconds. 40 seconds cooldown.
Listening outpost scan for enemies icon
Scan for Enemies
Scans the surrounding area for enemy activity, revealing the Listening Outpost along with stealthed enemy infantry and explosives in a radius of 200 around it for 10 seconds. 10 seconds cooldown.

Behind the scenes

Prior to 1.87 the Listening Outpost can transport up to 2 Hackers who automatically use the Hack Internet ability with a faster rate, which was moved to the Internet Truck, and lacks the Scan for Enemies ability.

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