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The T80R Kodiak Railgun Tank is a vehicle planned as an upgrade for General Aleksandr's Kodiak Tank, but was scrapped in favor of the Ogre Tank.

Lore (obsolete)

Based off the Russian Kodiak Tank, General Aleksandr refitted the turret with an experimental Rail Gun, and it is the pride of General Aleksandr because it has made the Russian Federation the first nation to properly field rail guns in large scale warfare. Rail guns use magnetic rails to fire solid chunks of matter at hypersonic speed. Although rail guns are very powerful they have been known for suffering of a sharp loss of accuracy at extreme ranges. Aleksandr is currently experiment with different kinds of ammo but it is currently using an uranium charge that consists of two components: a shell of titanium and a core of uranium atoms suspended in plasma state. The T80R fires this powerful slug rapidly and efficiently being capable of piercing any armor.


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