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What's the job?
- Jarmen Kell entering the battlefield

Jarmen Kell is a highly skilled Arabian assassin employed by the GLA. He is the hero of the GLA and has seen many, many battles.


The legendary insurgent Jarmen Kell was among the few higher tier GLA operatives to survive Sulaymaan's purges, and for good reason: His skills as an assassin are still unrivaled. A backfiring IED cost him half his right hand along with the ability to aim precisely for vehicle weak spots or vision slits, but being the impeccable marksman that he is, Kell quickly adapted his methods: Ditching his unwieldy KSVK anti-materiel rifle for a handy Dragunov, Jarmen is now able to fire several shots in rapid succession in order to suppress and immobilize multiple targets. In addition, he has trained his mastery of the Stinger missile launcher to the point where he can hit air targets at perfect angles and with optimal timing to guarantee a kill.


Ability Description
Jarmen kell stinger missile attack icon
Stinger Missile Attack
Jarmen Kell fires a single shot from his Stinger missile launcher at an enemy aircraft in a distance of 370, instantly destroying it. Can destroy multiple aircraft if they are in close proximity with each other. 30 seconds cooldown.
Jarmen kell suppressive fire icon
Suppressive Fire
Jarmen Kell fires a series of accurate shots aimed at the target enemy vehicle's vision slits which suppresses the target and other enemy vehicles in close proximity to it, disabling them while under fire. Lasts until given a new order.


  • During Zero Hour, Jarmen Kell was reportedly killed when the Chinese interrupted the GLA retreat from Europe. Seeing as he is still alive in the Rise of the Reds' timeline however, it can be assumed that he was merely wounded by the Chinese, but managed to survive and escape the area.

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