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Jagdmammut prepared for combat.
- Jagdmammut leaving the Vehicle Assembly Depot
Jagdmammut tank destroyer icon
The Jagdmammut (lit. "Hunting Mammoth" in German) Tank Destroyer is an ECA tank destroyer fielded by General Wolfgang to support the ECA against enemy armor during the war.


Not a tank I can't break!
- Jagdmammut

This German-designed heavy tank destroyer is based on a series of experimental vehicles trialed by the German and Swedish armed forces during the last century. The design was revived due to recent Russian and Chinese advances in anti-missile technology, which threatened to render heavy anti-tank missiles ineffective. Heavy Anti-Tank Guided Missiles had previously been the mainstay of German tank-destroyer forces. The monstrous new vehicle was met with some skepticism, particularly from the armor community, due to it's lack of mobility and turreted guns, where it was considered anachronistic and expensive. But its defenders cited its heavy armor and powerful dual Rheinmetall 140mm cannons as proof of its suitability for defensive actions in Central and Eastern Europe. The 140mm twin cannons are an ingenious gas operated auto-loading design that is capable of using specialized Jormund jet-assisted laser-guided graphene penetrator rounds. The extreme specialization of the 140mm cannon turned out to be perfect for a tank destroyer. Even without the combustion light gas shells later created for the Jagdmammut's cannons, the 140mm anti-tank gun was theoretically capable of knocking out even Overlord tanks at their extreme range. As with most ECA vehicles, the Jagdmammut is powered by a highly efficient multi-fuel engine fitted to an electrical transmission gear.

Pressure from General Wolfgang's mechanized infantry formations in the German Army, who now felt vulnerable with the diminished potency of their anti-tank missiles, ensured funding was secured. It was given the German designation 'Jagdmammut' - which literally translates into English as 'hunting mammoth'. The vehicle was issued to General Wolfgang's forces to replace their missile-armed tank destroyers and support their nimble infantry fighting vehicles in the late 2020s. This deployment was to prove fortuitous in the future when the Jagdmammut's ability to hold it's ground against almost insurmountable numbers of enemy fighting vehicles would serve it well. In action the Jagdmammut's gunners soon found that the combination of the excellent optical systems and the powerful guns allowed them to out-range any other tank being fielded at that time, allowing them to destroy bewildered enemy vehicles with impunity before they could even return fire.


Ability Description
At rounds icon
AT Rounds
Use standard anti-tank rounds that hits a single target.
Penetrator rounds icon
Penetrator Rounds
Use Penetrator rounds that can pierce through multiple targets in its line of fire but deals lower damage.


Add-on Description
Hydrogen fuel cells icon
Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Installs hydrogen fuel cells on the vehicle that increases its speed by 33%.
Requires Manticore Protocol.
Nano shock absorbers icon
Nano Shock Absorbers
Equip the vehicle with nano shock absorbers that increases its armor by 25%.
Requires Manticore Protocol.


  • The Jagdmammut is based on a German tank destroyer called the VT tank, which was armed with either two 105mm cannons or two 120mm cannons. The VT tank never saw service, and only 7 were ever made.
  • For an April Fools announcement, the Jagdmammut was presented as a dual-barreled Hetzer.
  • Some of the Jagmammut's lines are direct quotes from the Tank Destroyer in Yuri's Revenge, though few of them are slightly modified.

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