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The Industrial Plant is Russia's Tier 2 technology structure, which also reduces the cost of vehicle production due to the mass-production of necessary components. It can also shelter up to six Arms Suppliers who can safely operating from within.


Russia's strength in time of war has always stemmed from three main things; its sheer size, hostile terrain, and ability to generate truly gargantuan armies. With the dawn of the mechanised age, Russia's beating industrial heart now supplies it with the facilities to crank out the materiel of war in the volume required, and on the battlefield, this beating heart is found at the Industrial Plant. Inside the Industrial Plant's cavernous interiors, Russian engineers sweat to produce all the latest equipment for the improvement of Russian forces, and this structure is where all Russian vehicles come for upgrading. The Industrial Plant is also the source of both an Arms supplier's tools of the trade and stock, allowing a Russian commander to boost his economy. But perhaps most importantly of all, the production lines of the Industrial Plant allow the mass-manufacture of vehicle and aircraft components that bring Russian factories up to full Industrial Mass Production, virtually ensuring a Russian victory through strength and weight of arms. These facilities are among the most prized structures in any Russian base and should be guarded with everything a commander has to offer.

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