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Igla trooper icon
The Igla Trooper is Russia's basic anti-aircraft infantry. They can also defend themselves from enemy infantry with their sub-machine guns.


The Russian response to the lack of a early anti air weapons platform. Generals are urged to use these troopers as a counter to air units as RPG Conscripts are not equipped or trained properly to do so. As the Igla is designed as an anti air weapon, Igla troopers also carry PP2000 sub-machine guns to defend against ground targets.


Ability Description
Igla trooper heatseeking missiles icon
Heatseeking Missiles
The Igla Trooper fires his missiles in heat signature tracking mode.
Igla trooper lockon missiles icon
Lock-on Missiles
The Igla Trooper fires his missiles in radar lock on mode, which cannot be defeated by countermeasures but needs several seconds to lock on before fired.
Requires Advanced Infantry Munitions.
Grizon airdrop icon
Grizon Airdrop
Call in a Mi-26 Halo helicopter to airdrop a Grizon on the Igla Trooper. 90 seconds cooldown (shared across all units who can use the ability).
Requires Airborne Assault.

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