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- Hellion
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The Ka-68 Hellion is the primary attack helicopter fielded by General Orlov of the Russian Federation.


The Ka-68 was first sighted by a joint contingent of British and American forces in northern Germany in January 2049. Labled the 'Hellion' by the Western soldiers in a brief revival of the old NATO reporting name system, the new gunship appeared to be a successor to the Ka-50 'Hokum'. Chieftly fielded by the helicopter detachments of the Russian Air-Landing Forces, its function and combat performance appeared largely similar however unlike its predecessor, the Hellion can also be equipped with a new type of unguided 80mm rocket which contains a thermobaric charge. This allows the new helicopter to lay down a devastating barrage of incendiary rockets alongside its standard armament of Vikhr anti-tank missiles and two semi-rigid 30mm cannons.


Ability Description
Hellion fire thermobaric rocket barrage icon
Fire Thermobaric Rocket Barrage
Fire a barrage of four thermobaric rockets at the target area. Each rocket causes 60 to 20 FLAME damage over a radius of 25 to 50. 30 seconds cooldown.
Requires Thermobaric Ordnance.
Activate goliath defense system icon
Activate Goliath Defense System
Employ electro-optical disruption techniques that prevents the helicopter from being targeted by enemy attacks and abilities for 4 seconds. 30 seconds cooldown.
Requires Goliath System.

Behind the scenes

  • The Hellion replaces the Hokum in 1.85.

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