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The Helix is an exceptionally large, multipurpose Chinese helicopter that is often considered as an aerial counterpart to the Overlord tank. Introduced and used during the GLA war, these aging heavy-lift helicopters are currently under the command of General Chen.


The Helix served faithfully the People's Liberation Army in the Global War on Terror, from the day it was fielded against GLA insurgents inside China, to the hot and dry lands of Aldastan, up until China's glorious victory at Germany. However, its age and relative unwieldiness showed, when men with simple RPGs tended to shoot down the slow moving Helixes, leading to the development of the Han Gunship. However, General Chen, who served along with these machines during his time on the field, spared the Helixes from retirement and made use of it in his own divisions.

Now reworked and modernized, these ominous machines wait in their hangars to spread destruction, as it efficiently did during its previous war.