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Mostly seen in the battlefield carrying tanks to captured tank drop points or carrying paratrooper infantry, the Mi-26 Halo is a very tough helicopter that can endure enough damage for it to deliver its payload on the battlefield.


The Russian Halo is the biggest and most powerful helicopter to ever have gone into production. This heavy lift aircraft has served Russia for over three decades so well that the Federation does not seem concerned in replacing it. It is capable of transporting a large number of infantry and also of airlifting even some tanks. This mostly recent variant dubbed as MI-26P by the remnants of NATO has a myriad of improvements including a new powerplant increasing overall performance. The Halo not only stands in a class of its own but is also reliable and is capable of outperforming its lesser western counterparts. Exports for either military or civilian use are sold very selectively to the world and the secondary users of the Halo are only the New South American Union and some nations of the African Union.