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BM-21 Grad, at your disposal.
- Grad leaving the Arms Dealer
Grad icon
Employed by General Sulaymaan, the GLA's BM-21 Grad is notorious for its formidable range, firepower and wide area damage capabilities.


Commence the onslaught!
- BM-21 Grad

General Sulaymaan, the Warlord General is easily called the most resourceful general of the GLA faction. Once Deathstrike's Lieutenant during the first GLA conflict 14 years ago he has moved upward in the ranks of the GLA command structure, From this he is given access to many scrapyards and weapons seen in the last few conflicts alongside some of his own contraptions. The BM-21 is such weapons. Able to fire successive shots at a large radius pelting it with High Explosive missiles and then move along to another location within seconds. Just like any other GLA unit, this unit will pack a bang for its buck - which happens to be on sale these days.


Ability Description
Grad ground attack icon
Ground Attack
Order the unit to continuously attack the target area.
Grad sustained fire mode icon
Sustained Fire Mode
Fire the rockets in a constant rate between shots.
Grad barrage fire mode icon
Barrage Fire Mode
Fire bursts of multiple rockets with a long delay between each burst.


Add-on Description
Guided missile icon
Guided Missile
Replaces the Grad's artillery rockets with a single guided missile that deals the entire barrage's damage at once but can be jammed and intercepted.
Requires salvaged USA Tier 2 technology.

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