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The Golem Tank is voiced by George "Seòras" Exley.

Prior to 1.85 the Golem Tank uses the Hammer Tank's voiceset in Red Alert 3.

Quote Said when
Golem tank, ready to rumble! Created
  • Drive!
  • Understood.
  • Traveling.
  • Where are they hiding?
  • Lead me to them!
  • That land belong to us now!
  • None can hold our advance!
  • The ground trembles!
  • Of course, my Leader.
Ordered to move
  • Flee, fools!
  • FEAR ME!!
  • Blind them!
  • BEGONE!!
  • Activating Shtora!
  • Look into my eyes!
Ordered to use Activate
Shtora Defense System
  • The Leader has blessed us with new technology!
  • Our firepower has been increased!
  • Coilgun upgrade is complete!
Gauss Cannons
upgrade is complete
  • The Leader sends his regards.
  • Weaklings!
  • Leave nothing but rubble and corpses!
  • Slaughter these maggots!
  • Meet your end!
  • Eliminate all resistance.
  • Survival of the fittest!
  • Destroy it!
  • Gladly.
  • They have no place in his vision!
  • You should have run when you had the chance!
  • Time for you to die!
Ordered to attack
ground targets
  • Irritating fly!
  • Bring them down!
  • Spineless cowards!
  • Crush these winged pests!
Ordered to attack
air targets