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Charles Cutting is the ECA Fire Support General.


Having served as a young Lieutenant in Afghanistan during the first decade of the 21st century, the coordination of precise, just-in-time air and artillery support missions has always been Charles' specialty. As an avid football enthusiast born in the East End of London, he is well known and respected for his "street cred" among the rank-and-file troops, often ignoring anti-fraternisation policies and taking an almost fatherly interest in the stories and pastimes of his squaddies. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the safety of his troops has always been the General's foremost concern, expending massive amounts of ordnance for everyone of his well-targeted long-range fire missions in order to neutralize any threat well in advance.

During the ECA's North African campaign, Charles was occasionally criticized by his German colleague Wolfgang, who couldn't quite come to terms with the Englishman's overly cautious, by-the-book tactics while he himself preferred a fast, determined assault. Nevertheless, the joint-operations between the British and German contingents were among the ECA's most lauded victories at the time.

When the Russian Federation launched its invasion against Europe several years later, the British Royal Air Force was the only ECA air force that remained largely operational, providing Charles with precious tools for his air support missions across the English Channel.

Now, the fighting in France has come to a stalemate and the sizeable Russian fleets have set up a tight naval blockade around the British Isles. The royal family has been evacuated to Scotland after London became the target of night-time bombing raids and for the first time in over a century, the United Kingdom is faced with the very possible threat of an amphibious invasion. One that Charles and his battle-hardened band of brothers are ready and eager to defy.





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