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Felin Rifleman here!
- Felin Rifleman
Felin rifleman icon
The Felin Riflemen are the go-to boots on the ground for ECA forces when anti-infantry and anti-air combat personnel are of need.


While the various national militaries still operate a lot of domestically produced equipment, the Continental Army has decided in favour of the French 'Felin' programme when it came to choosing a standardised infantry doctrine for the joint European task force. As such, infantry formations that partake in ECA operations receive state-of-the-art body armour and communications equipment of French design.

With the 1970s FAMAS rifle starting to show its age, a new replacement was found in the form of the HKFN-22, a cooperative design by German and Belgian manufacturers that married the compact space age frame of the cancelled G11 rifle with a powered up version of the armour-piercing 5.7mm cartridge used in the P90 PDW. In a further effort to combat the near-total Russian air supremacy during the war, many Felins were also equipped with shoulder-fired Starstreak MANPADS, a peculiar anti-air missile of British origin that releases three self-guided submunitions upon reaching a certain altitude to ensure a hit.


  • A glitch can occur when Felin Riflemen enters the War Fortress where they can seemingly engage ground targets with their Starstreak missiles, causing minor damage to infantry.

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