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The Swedish Excavator is the main structure and defense construction vehicle of the ECA.


Produced by a Swedish utility vehicle company, these high-powered Excavators are operated by civilian engineering contractors in service of the European Continental Army, providing the task force with quick on-site construction capabilities.


Ability Description
Clear mines icon
Clear Mines
Remove mines and small explosives in the target area.
Excavator switch to defense commands icon
Switch Commands (Defense)
Switch to defense build commands.
Excavator switch to structure commands icon
Switch Commands (Structure)
Switch to structure build commands.


  • The Excavator Design was based from a concept art made by Volvo called the "Sfinx" that does not exist yet.[1]
  • The Excavator is named Swedish Excavator in its production button as all construction units shares the same hotkey, D.

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  1. Volvo Sfinx concept art