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Engineer on duty!
- Engineer
Engineer icon
The ECA Engineer are unarmed infantry capable of capturing enemy and neutral structures very quickly and repairing damaged vehicles.


In the aftermath of Operation Nemesis, the ECA offered lucrative jobs to civilian contractors who were willing to provide their specialized engineering skills for the reconstruction of North Africa. Over the following years, these men aided in the construction of modern hospitals, schools, roads and irrigation networks, laying the foundation for a new economic perspective in this region ravaged by warfare.

The contractors do not carry weapons and are regarded as non-combatants, to be escorted by armed ECA soldiers at all times but it has been reported that many of them try to make themselves useful during combat situations by repairing damaged military vehicles and using their technical skills to rapidly take control of key facilities on the battlefield.


Ability Description
Capture building icon
Capture Building
Captures an enemy or neutral building. The process takes 10 seconds to complete, during which the Engineer is vulnerable.

Behind the scenes

  • Originally the Engineer was planned to be able to capture buildings via entering them (like in the Red Alert universe). However this was scrapped because it cannot be implemented into the Zero Hour's game code.