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Available for unlock by all factions' 3-star generals, Emergency Aid allows the general to provide an immediate aid to friendly forces by rapidly patching up their injuries and damages over a short period of time. This allows the general's forces to survive even the heaviest of firefights and quickly recover in the aftermath of a costly battle.

Level Description
Urgent aid icon
Level 1
(Urgent Aid)
Lasts 5 seconds
Critical aid icon
Level 2
(Critical Aid)
Lasts 10 seconds
Emergency aid icon
Level 3
(Emergency Aid)
Lasts 20 seconds

Behind the scenes

  • In 1.87 Emergency Aid will no longer be available as a General's Power; instead it is available as soon as a Tier 2 access structure is built and has a slight delay before the effect kicks in.
    • Capturing a Tech Repair Pad will also grants the use of a separate Emergency Aid.