Available for unlock by Chinese 3-star generals, ECM Burst allows the Chinese general to deploy an ECM jamming satellite anywhere on the battlefield.

The ECM jamming satellite releases powerful ECM waves and flares for a limited time, during which missiles will have their guidance systems jammed and miss their targets while also drawing anti-air gun fire, making it useful to screen Chinese forces, especially aircraft, during both the defense and the offense. However, the flares also interfere with ground vehicles' systems which disables them so long as they linger on the satellite's radius. It is worth noting that the ECM jamming satellite can be controlled by the general while active.

Level Description
Light ecm burst icon
Level 1
(Light ECM Burst)
Lasts 15 seconds with a radius of 150
Moderate ecm burst icon
Level 2
(Moderate ECM Burst)
Lasts 25 seconds with a radius of 200
Massive ecm burst icon
Level 3
(Massive ECM Burst)
Lasts 35 seconds with a radius of 300

Behind the scenes

  • Prior to 1.87 the ECM Burst is delivered by bomb dropped from a H-8 with larger radius and longer duration.