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Disruptor team ready!
- Disruptor Team
Disruptor team icon

The Disruptor Team is General Mau's advanced support infantry capable of destroying and disabling enemy vehicles from good range.


They won't get past us!
- Disruptor team attacking

First shown to the PLA Macau garrison in 1999, the PF-98 is a 120mm rocket launcher which was designed to replace the Type 78 and Type 65 recoilless rifles. Thanks to the use of fibreglass materials, the launcher clocks in at only 10 kilograms, making it an ideal anti-tank weapon for the specialists of General Mau. Once deployed, it can be loaded with two types of rockets: One with an armour-piercing flak warhead and the recently developed 'Disruptor' warhead, the most compact EMP weapon in the Chinese arsenal, which can instantly disable even the heaviest vehicles.


Ability Description
Disruptor team emp missiles icon
EMP Missiles
Use the EMP missiles to disable vehicles and structures in a radius of 15 for 5.5 seconds but causes no damage.
Disruptor team flak missiles icon
Flak Missiles
Use the flak missiles to damage vehicles and structures.

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