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Conscript, ready to fight!
- Conscript
Conscript icon
The Conscript is the basic infantry of Russia and the cheapest unit in Rise of the Reds.


Let's win this war together, comrades!
- Conscript

The Russian Conscripts are Mother Russia's go-to for basic riflemen. They are weak individually but competent at taking on their adversaries in large numbers, using their AK-74 rifles to overpower the enemy. Their rudimentary training puts emphasis on teamwork and anti-infantry combat. They lack the advanced skills of other infantry units and get killed quite easily, netting them a reputation as "Russia's meat shield". However, don't discount them, as they can be powerful en masse.


Ability Description
Capture building icon
Capture Building
Captures an enemy or neutral building. The process takes 23 seconds to complete, during which the Conscript is vulnerable.
Grizon airdrop icon
Grizon Airdrop
Call in a Mi-26 Halo helicopter to airdrop a Grizon on the Conscript. 90 seconds cooldown (shared across all units who can use the ability).
Requires Airborne Assault.

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