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Cliffs? Let's do it!
- Combat Cycle
Combat cycle icon
One of the most unusual yet most dangerous tools the GLA could muster, the Combat Cycle is a fearsome multi-role unit.


Among all of the vehicles available in the world, perhaps the fastest, most rugged, most useful and most nimble of them all is a motorcycle. Due to its rather diminutive nature and low cost of maintenance (and production; some rumors say that in Africa, you could trade a cow for a motorcycle) it has been favoured by the GLA, then and now. Even after nearly four decades of use, the GLA doesn't cease to amaze any commander, seeing his base being attacked from a surprising angle and being shredded to pieces by soldiers on fragile motorcycles.


Ability Description
Terrorist detonate now icon
Detonate Now!
Order this unit to immediately detonate themselves.
Only available with a Terrorist.
Jarmen kell stinger missile attack icon
Stinger Missile Attack
Jarmen Kell fires a single shot from his Stinger missile launcher at an enemy aircraft in a distance of 370, instantly destroying it. Can destroy multiple aircraft if they are in close proximity with each other. 30 seconds cooldown.
Only available with Jarmen Kell.
Jarmen kell suppressive fire icon
Suppressive Fire
Jarmen Kell fires a series of accurate shots aimed at the target enemy vehicle's vision slits which suppresses the target and other enemy vehicles in close proximity to it, disabling them while under fire. Lasts until given a new order.
Only available with Jarmen Kell.


  • Much like the Humvee, Combat Cycles are replaced by snowmobiles in winter environments. This is a cosmetic change and doesn't affect performance.

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