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Do you want us to rearrange the landscape for you, sir?
- Claymore
Claymore howitzer icon
The Claymore Howitzer is a powerful artillery piece employed by General Charles.


The Claymore is one of the largest units in the ECA’s arsenal. It has a nearly legendary firing range. Possesses superb accuracy and can operate in any terrain and weather that is native to Europe. Very few have the luxury of surviving the punishment of its shells. Thanks to a highly efficient loading system they are capable of firing a punishing five round volley in a matter of a seconds, creating a majestic and deadly barrage.


Ability Description
Claymore howitzer artillery barrage icon
Artillery Barrage
Fire a barrage of 6 artillery shells at the target location within the Claymore Howitzer's weapon's range.
Show weapon range icon
Show Weapon Range
Show the unit's minimum and maximum weapon range on the radar map and the terrain for 6 seconds.

Behind the scenes

  • Originally the PzH2000 was supposed be a unit for General Wolfgang, but it was cut due to its similarity to the Claymore.


  • The Claymore seems to bear a strong resemblance to the German PzH 2000.

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