Building Strategy Gallery

Bunkers could be constructed by Chinese generals to defend their bases and any outposts on the battlefield. Each Bunker could be garrisoned with up to five infantry, who were protected while inside it, even from toxin and flame attacks. A Bunker filled with Tank Hunters would certainly slow down an enemy commander, especially since the Gattling Cannons were only effective against aircraft and infantry. Bunkers, like all Chinese buildings, could also be mined to prevent fast ground assaults. Because of the threat posed to infantry in structures by some weapons systems, the Chinese designed the bunker to be able to withstand some attacks that would clear out other structures

Due to there being no power consumption this structure is unaffected by EMP effects, and the structure can be constructed quickly. Whilst the bunker itself was moderately armoured and surprisingly cheap, if it is destroyed the infantry are made much more vulnerable. Since the weapons of the infantrymen inside still had the same limited range, Bunkers were vulnerable to artillery units. In addition, if the building is destroyed, the infantry survive, whereas with other buildings the soldiers vacate when it is critically damaged, they can remain inside a Bunker until it is destroyed.