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We can make adjustments!
- Bradley IFV
Bradley ifv icon
A versatile, multi-role vehicle, the Bradley IFV fulfills a variety of roles, capable of transporting infantry, taking on infantry or vehicles, and providing protection from missiles.


Made for speed!
- Bradley IFV

The Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle, one of the Army's mainstay combat vehicles since the 1980s made a return as the M2A4: While the basic frame of the vehicle remained largely unchanged, the new version was equipped with an improved 25mm chain gun, advanced TOW missile launchers, modular composite armor and, most notably, the same point-defense anti-missile laser (PDL) that was successfully introduced and field-tested by the Paladin Tank, making the "new" Bradley an ideal supplement in combined arms mechanized warfare thanks to its mobility, firepower, protection and infantry transport capabilities.

Several months after the United States entered World War III, the Bradley were suddenly mothballed as it was believed its roles were already filled by the Humvee and Paladin. General Jeremiah Bradley, though, was livid over the short-sightedness of the Pentagon, and continued using the vehicle despite orders from command to scrap the redundant vehicles and use Humvees and Paladins instead.


Ability Description
Bradley main gun icon
Switch to Main Cannon
Use the 25mm chain gun.
Bradley tow missile icon
Switch to TOW Missiles
Use the TOW missile launchers.


Add-on Description
Battle drone addon icon
Battle Drone
Build a Battle Drone that follows the vehicle, engaging enemies with its machine gun and repairs the vehicle when damaged.
Costs $200 and takes 5 seconds to complete.
Incompatible with Targeteer Drone.
Targeteer drone addon icon
Targeteer Drone
Build a Targeteer Drone that follows the vehicle, extending its sight radius and increases the vehicle's rate of fire by 25% (except for Avengers, WASP Hives and Microwave Tanks).
Costs $150 and takes 5 seconds to complete.
Incompatible with Battle Drone.

Behind the scenes

  • The Bradley IFV was removed in 1.85 since the Humvee made it redundant, but will return as an exclusive for Tank Command General Bradley in 2.0.


  • The Bradley is strongly reminiscent of the Bradley from Act of War gameplay-wise, although the Rise of the Reds version has a Point Defense Laser while the AOW Bradley does not.