• Arya nararuci

    New Content

    August 29, 2018 by Arya nararuci

    So, i found a voiceline from this guy/voice actor and this one might be a on-going new infantry for eca, should we take action and made the page for this infantry?

    answer this asap because i think this is necessary for the wiki

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  • Nikitazero

    From what I've observed, I believed that separating a unit's infoboxes into overview and upgrades are totally unnecessary, as the information about the unit's statistics and upgrades would be better to be merged into a single infobox rather than separating them for the sake of simplicity.

    So, I suggest that the upgrades infobox should be removed and the information about the unit's upgrades are moved into the unit's main infobox, just like other wikis have done as their standard.

    If you have anything to say about this, feel free to voice your opinions.

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  • Nikitazero

    I have filed a request to become ROTR Wiki's new admin.

    I think all of you are already aware of my contribution as the admin of Mental Omega APYR Wiki, where I've managed to made a massive change to the wiki so it becomes very polished. I'm intending to do the same with ROTR Wiki so that like MO Wiki, ROTR Wiki will be a great source of information for the mod.

    Please voice your opinions about this here, as feedbacks are needed for anyone who wants to be active and help in attending the wiki.

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  • Dynamo128

    Well, there have been significant improvements to article pages in the past months I would say - now there is almost no page that looks completely unfinished, although many are still lacking sensible unit descriptions - but that will come later. Nonetheless, I think it's fair to outline a few ideas regarding the wiki: first off I have noticed that many people have been adding quotes to the respective unit pages. Although this is a good idea in theory, personally I am not a fan of the current system and I would rather have something akin to the Starcraft Unit Quotations page, where quotes are stored separately using a nice template. Second, I've started a few articles on skirmish maps: any help in getting more of these done would be appreci…

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  • KnossosOfficial


    December 29, 2013 by KnossosOfficial

    I fail at creating one.

    O great masters of this wiki, I implore you, teach this poor novice your ways of making templates.

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  • KnossosOfficial

    Wiki overhaul

    November 30, 2013 by KnossosOfficial

    Due to the surprising amount of pages that were ripped from Fallout Studios, I hereby recommend an overhaul of said pages.

    I will try to overhaul some of the pages myself; however, I need help for I could not get them all.



    Lore from FSDB:

    Interceptor MiG

    Hellfire MiG

    Overlord (with very slight tweaks)

    Han Gunship

    Twin Fang

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  • Talonek

    To be, or not to be.

    January 23, 2013 by Talonek

    That is the statement.

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