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Alright, I'm here. Let's have an update.
- Black Lotus upon arriving
Black lotus icon

The Black Lotus is an elite infiltration unit that serves as China's hero unit.


I'm listening.
- Blak Lotus

When the internet became very widespread and even possibly dangerous during the early 21st century, many countries around the world enacted Cyber Security Divisions. The National Security Agency, the National Center for Cyber Defense and many more utilized the internet to not only protect from hackers, but also to find them. In 2013, the NSA's plot on spying on American people were revealed and the public raged. Realizing that defectors could reveal their plans for the future, the Chinese Ministry of State Security enacted the Black Lotus program in 2015. The BL Program is basically a hacker-training division for intellectual hackers, most notably women. In 2019, when the new Chinese chairman Zhao Wei enacted the 'Modern Way' program, the BL Program was expanded to include regular hackers as a special infantry division. Through testing, they found out that sophisticated hacking technology could crack into the most secured servers of the most advanced American cyber-defense systems, even NORAD, which was actually hacked and shut-down for three weeks in 2022 by an anonymous person.

During the Global War on Terror, the Black Lotus agents acted as contemporary field commanders for PLA forces in the field, as well as intelligence-gathering spies. Black Lotus agents acted throughout multiple theaters, including the infamous destruction of the Three Gorges Dam ordered by a Black Lotus agent. After the war, the Chinese expanded to create the Greater Asian People's Alliance (GAPA). On the outside it seemed like the Southeast Asian countries were strong-armed into the Chinese sphere of influence, and were occupied by the PLA. However, the Ministry of State Security erected spy outposts everywhere, to keep track of the population just like the NSA did two decades ago. China's worst fear became a reality when a Chinese hacker defected and revealed to the world what they were doing, but this time the Chinese did not retreat like the Americans did. Nonetheless, the BL Program was expanded even more and today, at least one Black Lotus agent is assigned to every elite PLA commander in the field.


Ability Description
Black lotus capture building icon
Capture Building
Captures an enemy or neutral building from a distance of 250. The process takes 9 seconds to complete, during which the Black Lotus is vulnerable.
Black lotus vehicle hack icon
Vehicle Hack
Disables an enemy vehicle from a distance of 250 for 25 seconds. The process takes 3 seconds to complete, during which the Black Lotus is vulnerable.
Black lotus cash hack icon
Cash Hack
Steals up to $2000 from an enemy Supply Center/Depot/Stash/Yard/Warehouse in a distance of 250. The process takes 10 seconds to complete, during which the Black Lotus is vulnerable.
You cannot steal more money than what the enemy has.
Black lotus com channel hack icon
Activate Communications Channel Hack
Black Lotus hacks enemy communication channels, allowing her to detect stealthed enemies in a radius of 250.
Black lotus stop com channel hack icon
Deactivate Communications Channel Hack
Black Lotus stops hacking enemy communication channels.
Black lotus signal transmitters icon
Signal Transmitter
Places a signal transmitter on an enemy structure or vehicle without revealing the Black Lotus, revealing the immediate area around itself. Can be overloaded with Overload Transmitters to cause a small EMP effect.
Black lotus overload transmitters icon
Overload Transmitters
Overloads all Signal Transmitters to disable the structure or vehicle they are attached to for 10 seconds.

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