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The fast and highly maneuverable Su-47 Berkut serves as the main fighter jet of the Russian Federation.


The Berkut started off as a prototype for many further Russian fighter designs. However, the general ineffectiveness of the actual production units forced Russia to adopt the Su-47 Berkut design as the production unit. Although having reservations at first at the effectiveness of a prototypical plane working at the frontlines, many commanders then praised the Berkut for its ability to destroy their objectives and return to the base in one whole piece, more or less. Having a relaxed stability system, it could do extreme evasive maneuvers that could easily mean life or death for a Berkut pilot.

Battle of Ramsgate

In this expensive and grandiose battle, the Berkut's efficiency was truly tested along with General Aleksandr's advanced PAK FAs, and the ending result was horrible for both; both planes' attrition rates at Ramsgate were ghastly, some saying that Berkut attrition rates were at 60% of what was sent. Although this could not be attributed to the Berkut's shortcomings, rather from the chaos that happened when Aleksandr's units could not cooperate effectively with regular Air Force and VDV units.


Ability Description
Berkut evasive maneuvers
Evasive Maneuvers
The Berkut performs evasive maneuvers which allows it to evade incoming enemy missiles for 4 seconds. 14 seconds cooldown.

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