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A Battle Drone is a special type of unmanned drone that can be assigned to a single USA vehicle. This drone is armed with a machine gun for picking off enemy infantry, but is most notably capable of repairing its parent vehicle.


When US armed forces finally took interest in automated ground forces, they first tested it as nothing more than recon and quick close air support units that can barely hit the target. But when the civilian unrest has reached it peek, due to many American Soldiers lives lost in conflicts out side of their homeland, the Congress and the Pentagon has forced the US Army to adapt Drones to their doctrines. It wasn't so long when the US Forces started to acquire contractors to purposely build unmanned combat vehicles. Preliminary, these contracts were just to upgrade the current unmanned vehicles, that was until they started sending design plans to Pentagon Engineers and started the new age drone warfare. One of the first designs were the Rottweiler Drone series which concept were highly favored the Army and Marine Corps. When the Armored Corps requested drone concepts for their tanks hundreds flood in, however only three took the spot. One, designed by a recent graduate in engineering, and a major in robotics, a simple hover drone compact enough to hold an electric motor, stable gyroscope and run on motorcycle battery. Pentagon engineers bought, revised this concept and released an upgraded variant which includes a shortened .30 cal machine gun and mini-repair equipment. First tested on light vehicles deployed in Afghanistan, the repair rate of the drones were so effective every dent and holes were patch up in minutes and as if it was recently out of the factory, which made field engineers redundant, forcing most of them to resign/retire or be transferred to maintenance crews.

When the Global War on Terror finally escalated, the drones were finally applied to full effect and to all US ground vehicles. However the drone operator inside the vehicle abused the effectiveness of the machine guns of drones which costed the drones being fired upon by RPG equipped rebels and Stinger sites, instead of repairing the parent vehicles. Upon initiating operation zero hour and Congress revisions, most if not all of US Forces Doctrines are forced to adopt drone warfare, this was decided as solution to the staggering amount lost of grunts and vehicles in the war, minimize casualties as possible.

Upon Griffon's orders, the battle drones are now by default have an AI programed in them, set to stay near to their parent vehicle, and self repair systems reducing the chances they are shot down and the need for an extra crew member for a ground vehicle.

A larger and heavily armed variant of the battle drone have made it's way on the Air Force General's ground troops, controlled as a hive in a Stryker IAV.

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