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Compact, small, and easy to build on almost any type of terrain, the USA Barracks allow to train all types of American infantry, from the Ranger and Missile Defender to the SEAL and the notorious Colonel Burton.


The backbone of any armed force is the mobile infantry, taking the fight to the frontlines and kicking the butts of whoever stands in their way. The United States Armed Forces are no different, with many different sub-branches in their infantry divisions, such as the famous Green Berets and Delta Force. Before the Global War on Terror, the United States spent a sum total of around 250,000 bullets in Afghanistan and Iraq combined, but during the war, those numbers doubled and even tripled as the amount of US servicemen K.I.A. rose from year to year. The American people saw that enough was enough, and began protesting against the Federal Government to bring their boys overseas back home. President Howard Paulson saw both the people's bickering and the countless dead soldiers and decided to initiatie 'zero hour', which brought every US soldier, marine, airman and sailor back to their homeland. The United States entered isolation to fix their economy and re-evaluate their doctrines. When they returned to the fray, the mobile infantry doctrine had changed drastically, and now only the most elite of all soldiers are allowed to tour outside the borders of the North American Union, such as the Army Rangers, the Navy SEALs and special elements of the Marine Corps.

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