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One of the most unconventional yet effective types of infantry in the game is the Angry Mob. Armed to the teeth with machine pistols, molotov cocktails and stones, the rampaging Angry Mob can surely carve a big scar into the enemy if used correctly.


Pulled from the masses of thousands of troubled cities, the Angry Mob remains one of the most troublesome unit types on the battlefield. Their destructive capabilities were first witnessed by the GLA in Astana during the Global War on Terror, and since then, the GLA have hired many of these angry citizens to wreak havoc on the enemy. Many of the partisans have lost all their hope for better life and are just in it to see the ones that created their suffering die in a pitch-black fire. Even to this day, the Angry Mobs can be spawned from any city by the GLA propaganda, and all are still willing to fight for the GLA's cause.

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