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Need some medical attention?
- Ambulance leaving the War Factory
Ambulance icon
The Ambulance is an USA support vehicle capable of quickly healing injured infantry around it once it is deployed.


In 1945, the US military manufactured nearly 500,000 Purple Heart medals in anticipation of the casualties that were projected to occur during Operation Downfall, the planned invasion of the Japanese home islands. Thankfully, the war ended before the plan would have been put into action. Throughout the following decades, every major conflict that saw the involvement of American troops slowly chipped away at this enormous stockpile, which was eventually reduced to a few thousands by the time the GLA unleashed its most despicable attacks during the Global War on Terror. As a result, the United States found themselves faced with the challenge of re-integrating thousands of wounded veterans who had sustained permanent, life-changing injuries from chemical agents and IEDs into civilian life after the conflict ended in 2028. In order to ensure a greater level of survivability for American troops in any future engagement, the common field Ambulance was provided with advanced technical equipment and additional personnel, allowing the vehicles to deploy and provide immediate medical care to all surrounding soldiers.


Ability Description
Clean toxins icon
Clean Toxins
Removes toxin and radiation from the target area.
Call starlifter icon
Call in a Starlifter
Call in a Starlifter on the Ambulance.
Requires Supply Center and Air Mobility.


Add-on Description
Battle drone addon icon
Battle Drone
Build a Battle Drone that follows the vehicle, engaging enemies with its machine gun and repairs the vehicle when damaged.
Costs $200 and takes 5 seconds to complete.
Incompatible with Targeteer Drone.
Targeteer drone addon icon
Targeteer Drone
Build a Targeteer Drone that follows the vehicle, extending its sight radius and increases the vehicle's rate of fire by 25% (except for Avengers, WASP Hives and Microwave Tanks).
Costs $150 and takes 5 seconds to complete.
Incompatible with Battle Drone.